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Spelling & Vocabulary Words & Definitions

Reading Book Vocabulary Words & Definitions

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 Akiak Vocabulary Defenitions

Blizzard:  n.  A very long, heavy snowstorm with strong winds: The blizzard left us with two feet of snow. 

Checkpoint: n.  A place along a route where a check or count is made: The runners were counted at each checkpoint. 

Courageous: adj.  Having or showing courage; brave: The courageous policeman saved the child from drowning. 

Experienced: adj.  Possessing skill or knowledge from having done a particular thing in the past: The experienced workers solved the problem quickly. 

Musher: n.  The driver of a dog sled team: The musher made sure that the injured dog was treated. 

Rugged: adj.  Having a rough, uneven surface: The rugged trail was hard to climb. 

 Akiak Spelling Words

1.      gain

2.      cream

3.      sweet

4.      safe

5.      past

6.      reach

7.      kept

8.      gray

9.      field

10.  break

11.  east

12.  shape

13.  steep

14.  pray

15.  pain

16.  glass

17.  west

18.  cheap

19.  steak

20.  chief

Akiak Challenge Words

1.      Graceful

2.      Descent

3.      Athletic

4.      Knead

5.      Activity



Grandfather’s Journey Spelling Words

1.       Snow

2.       Grind

3.       Still

4.       Coast

5.       Odd

6.       Crime

7.       Gold

8.       Wrote

9.       Flight

10.   Build

11.   Broke

12.   Blink

13.   Folk

14.   Grown

15.   Shock

16.   Ripe

17.   Coal

18.   Inch

19.   Sigh

20.   Built


Grandfather’s Journey Challenge Words


1.       Remind

2.       Approach

3.       Rigid

4.       Recognize

5.       Continent


Grandfather’s Journey Vocabulary Terms & Def.

1.       Bewildered: v.  To puzzle greatly: The city's busy streets bewildered the young boy.

2.       Marveled: v.  To be filled with surprise, amazement, or wonder: Don marveled at the beautiful waterfall.

3.       Homeland: n.  The country in which one was born or has lived for a long time: Seema returned to her homeland after many years in a foreign country.

4.       Reminded:  v.  To make someone remember something: The song reminded him of home.

5.       Longed: v.  To wish or want very much: My mother longed to see her childhood home again.

6.       Surrounded: v.  To put all around: He surrounded his desk with pictures of his family.


    By the Shores of Silver Lakes Voc Words

Conductor: n.  The person in charge of a railroad train or subway:

The conductor collected our tickets on the train.

Depot: n.  A railroad or bus station:

Because the train was late, we waited at the depot for several hours.

Jolting: v.  To move, ride, or cause to move in a jerky way:

                                                                 The bus was jolting along the bumpy road.

                                                             Lurching: adj.  Sudden, heavy, unsteady movements to one side or forward:

                                                              The lurching boat made Roslyn sway back and forth.

Platform: n.  A raised floor or surface, for example, by a track at a train station:

They stood on the platform, waiting for the train.

Satchels: n.  A small bag used for carrying books, clothing, or other small items:

The two satchels held all she owned.

 By the Shores of Silver Lakes Spelling Words

1.       Steel

2.       Steal

3.       Lead

4.       Led

5.       Wait

6.       Weight

7.       Wear

8.       Ware

9.       Creek

10.   Creak

11.   Beet

12.   Beat

13.   Meet

14.   Meat

15.   Peek

16.   Peak

17.   Deer

18.   Dear

19.   Ring

20.   Wring

21.   Pour

22.   Pore

23.   Vain

24.   Vein

25.   Vane  



Cendrillon Voc Terms

1.       Crossly: in a grumpy or grouchy way

2.       Elegant:  marked by good taste; graceful 

3.       Godmother: a woman who acts as a sponsor at a child’s christening

4.       Orphan: a child whose parents are dead 

5.       Peasant: a poor farm worker 

6.       Proud: thinking too highly of one’s self

 Cendrillons Spelling Terms

1.       Harbor

2.       Final

3.       Middle

4.       Weather

5.       Labor

6.       Model

7.       Chapter

8.       Special

9.       Sugar

10.   Bottle

11.   Medal

12.   Collar

13.   Proper

14.   Towel

15.   Beggar

16.   Battle

17.   Trouble

18.   Shower

19.   Uncle

20.   Doctor

21.   Shoulder

22.   Decimal

23.   Trifle

24.   Solar

25.   Cancel


Heat Wave Voc Words 

1.       Singe: to burn slightly


2.       Weather vane: movable pointer that should wind direction


3.       Miscalculated: figured incorrectly


4.       Temperature: measure of heat or coldness


5.       Horizon: the line along which the sun and earth seem to meet


6.       Affected: cause a change in

  Heat Wave Spelling Words

1.       Dancing

2.       Skipped

3.       Hiking

4.       Flipped

5.       Snapping

6.       Raced

7.       Landed

8.       Pleasing

9.       Checking

10.   Dared

11.   Dimmed

12.   Rubbing

13.   Striped

14.   Wasting

15.   Traced

16.   Stripped

17.   Tanning

18.   Smelling

19.   Phoning

20.   Fainted

21.   Breathing

22.   Tiring

23.   Urged

24.   Scrubbed

25.   Striving


Marven of the Great North Woods Spelling Terms

1. beauty

2. ugly

3. lazy

4. marry

5. ready

6. sorry

7. empty

8. honey

9. valley

10. movie

11. duty

12. hungry

13. lonely

14. alley

15. body

16. twenty

17. turkey

18. hockey

19. fifty

20. monkey

21. fiery

22. envy

23. mercy

24. chimney

25. imaginary

Marven of the Great North Woods Voc Terms

1. bunkhouse: a building in a camp where a group of people sleep

2. lunberjacks: people who cut down trees and move them to a sawmill

3. cords: measured stacks of cut wood

4. snowshoes: wooden frames with leather strips used for walking over the snow

5. immense: of great size

6. timber: trees that can be used for wood

7. landscape: a stretch of land

8. woodsman: a person who works or lives in the forest



Last Dragon Spelling Terms (WB pg 259)

1.       Village


2.       Cottage


3.       Bridge


4.       Fence


5.       Strange


6.       Chance


7.       Twice


8.       Cage


9.       Change


10.   Carriage


11.   Glance


12.   Ridge


13.   Manage


14.   Damage


15.   Since


16.   Marriage


17.   Edge


18.   Lodge


19.   Cabbage


20.   Dodge


21.   Fleece


22.   Fragrance


23.   Homage


24.   Fringe

 25.   Excellence 

Last Dragon Voc Terms (wb pg 38)

1.       Characters:  n.  1. A person or figure in a play: Twanna loved the character of the forgetful mother, but she didn't want to play her on stage.  2. A symbol, such as a letter or number, used in printing or writing: Joe painted red characters on a sign for the Chinese New Year.

 2.       Crest: n.  Something that grows out of an animal's head, such as a cluster of feathers: There was a crest of bright blue feathers on the bird's head. 

3.       Fierce: adj.  Wild and mean; dangerous: The lion sounded fierce when it roared.

4.       Homage: n.  Special public honor or respect: The crowd paid homage to the famous artist at the awards ceremony..

5.       Scales:  n.  1. One of the small, thin, flat parts that cover a fish or reptile: The lizard was covered with shiny green scales.  2. An instrument used for weighing: Anton weighed a bunch of bananas on the scale. 

6.       Snaked:  v.  To move like a snake: The line of children snaked through the playground. 

7.       Teeming: adj.  Full; crowded: The parade moved through the teeming city streets.


Theme 4 Wrap Up Review Spelling Terms

1.       Village


2.       Corner


3.       Office


4.       Sink


5.       Squirrel


6.       Alley


7.       Whether


8.       Ridge


9.       Mistake


10.   Afraid


11.   Question


12.   Other


13.   Lonely


14.   Attack


15.   Thirty


16.   Blanket


17.   Monkey


18.   Twice


19.   Chance


20.   Suppose


21.   Beauty


22.   Degree


23.   Crooked


24.   Honey


25.   Strange


26.   Glance


27.   Twenty


28.   Cottage


29.   Since


30.   Ready

  Juan Verdades Voc Terms 

1.       Foreman: an employee who is in charge of other workers.


2.       Pastures: grassy field where animals graze


3.       Heartsick: very sad

4.       Witnesses: people who see something happen


5.       Employer: person who hires others to do work


6.       Confidently: in a way that says you believe in yourself

 Louis Braille Voc. Terms

1.       Pinprick: n.  A bump or hole made with a pin: She made a lampshade by filling a piece of construction paper with pinpricks. 


2.       Patterns: n.  A recognizable arrangement or design: The necklace formed a pattern of two red beads followed by three blue beads. 


3.       Succeeding: v.  To accomplish something: I succeeded in running three miles without stopping. 


4.       Discouraged: v.  To make less hopeful or confident: Three losses in a row discouraged everyone on the team. 


5.       Simplified: v.  To make less complicated: You can often simplify a math problem by drawing a picture. 


6.       Institute: n.  A kind of school: Many professional chefs learn to cook at cooking institutes. 


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